A Spotlight On Breast & Women’s Health


At Shaklee, we are committed to helping women stay healthy all year long, and October is a perfect time to shine an extra spotlight on women during Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Breast cancer prevention starts with healthy habits – such as fueling our bodies with good, nutritious choices and staying physically active – but should also include preventive care like breast self-exams, mammograms and other screenings.

1+2+3 Personal Health Plans for Women’s Health

(Start HERE for the Foundations Regimen of Women’s Health)

The Shaklee 1+2+3 Personal Health Plan makes it simple to follow three recommendations from leading health experts[1] about what you need to do for optimum health and wellness, no matter what age you are:

Commit to a healthy weight and stay there through diet and exercise[2]Life Shake is a great option for helping with healthy weight goals.

  • Life Shake combined with a multivitamin like Vitalizer or Vita-Lea® are your building blocks for life and an essential source for complete nutrition.
  • In a published clinical weight loss study, Shaklee Life Shake helped participants lose fat, weight and inches, while retaining lean muscle.
  • People who used Life Shake as part of the Shaklee 180® program are clinically proven to lose the weight and keep it off.
  • Life Shake is the foundation of the clinically-proven Shaklee 180® program – which has helped people all over the world lose more than 2 million pounds and over 1 million inches and counting.**

Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables which are great sources of antioxidants that can protect cells from free radicals.[3]

  • Backed by 6 patents, Vivix® contains a proprietary all-natural blend of a broad spectrum of polyphenols based on the muscadine grape featuring superior concentrations of ellagic acid and ellagitannins that, when combined with other polyphenols, yield immense antioxidant power.*
  • CarotoMax® Delivers all six of the most important carotenoids – potent, fat-soluble antioxidants that promote overall wellness and protect cells against free radicals*

Power up with nutrients, such as Vitamin D, Folic Acid and other B Vitamins, specifically B-6 and B-12, and Omega-3.[4]

  • Vita-D3 – Triple antioxidant support to combat free radicals and support overall health.*
  • B-Complex – The perfect balance of all eight essential B vitamins to support energy, cardiovascular health and cell renewal.*
  • Sustained Release Vita-C Cellular antioxidant and immune protection. Clinically tested to maintain Vitamin C levels for over 12 hours via plant-based sustained delivery system.


[4] http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/BreastCancer/OverviewGuide/breast-cancer-overview-new-research
[5] http://www.nfcr.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=413%3Acancer-fighting-minerals&catid=43%3Aon-your-health&Itemid=26
[6] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC526387/

 As part of the Shaklee 180 Program. Clinical study participants replaced two meals with Shaklee Life Shakes daily along with a 45-minute exercise program twice weekly. See full details of Life Shake clinical studies at healthresource.shaklee.com.
** Based on cumulative sales of Shaklee 180 shakes and the expected average weight loss.

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