RLEI Organization Recap for December 2018!

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“Jennifer Glacken is originally from the east coast where she graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Foreign Affairs and Spanish. Her Shaklee story started back in 1992 when her son was born. His health challenges led a friend to introduce Jennifer to the Shaklee Cleaning products. Jennifer was a Shaklee customer for 6.5 years using all the Shaklee products.

When a job loss occurred in 1999, Jennifer decided to build a Shaklee business to fill in the gap. Jennifer fell in love with this business and never looked back. She is currently a Senior Master Coordinator and is serving her second term on the Master’s Executive Committee – this time as the Vice Chair.

Although Shaklee keeps her busy, Jennifer homeschooled her two teenage children through High School (both have graduated from college now), is an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church and has held leadership positions in every Networking group in which she has participated. She is currently the Networking Education Coordinator of her local BNI Chapter.”

 There’s a reason Jennifer is a much sought after speaker at many Shaklee Corporate events. She is smart, sincere, and successful and hosts her own leadership retreats year after year. She just qualified for Shaklee’s Dream Trip 2019 BOTH ways possible! Happy cruising, Jennifer!

If you are in the Chicago area, you may be interested in her next event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/skill-up-boot-camp-tickets-54968401970?aff=erelexpmlt&fbclid=IwAR0swrCMvBrDyGgsdP7OzL1D7V-9ubjt5gGcC-adDN8t8P47q_NcE5YbTTA

Consider the long history of her Shaklee lineage…

Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Grace Reim Family, SREXCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Helene & Susan Bartz (Herrick) Family, MCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Marty & Lynn Frederick Family, MCRD (joined in the 1970s)


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