A Powerful, All-purpose Cleaner For Our Planet


Happy Earth Day! Here’s some FUN FACTS for ya:

-In 1956, Dr. Shaklee founds his company and starts selling the 1st ever biodegradable, plant-based cleaning product called Basic-H.

-My grandparents, Bob and Pat Ewing, join Shaklee in 1964, purchasing 1 bottle of Basic-H. (They clean everything in their house with it from top to bottom. They then start selling it to others.)

-The 1st Earth Day is in 1970.

-Shaklee’s Basic-H is the 1st official Earth Day Product Sponsor in 1990.

-In 2006 Shaklee introduces the even more super concentrated version called Basic H2, saving more waste from landfills, saving its users even more money, and saving the planet from more harmful chemical cleaners.

Basic H2 is our #1 favorite Shaklee product and it always will be! Are you ready for it to change your life too?

(Artwork by my husband, Mark Marasco)


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