RLEI Organization Recap for September 2019!

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image001In 1967, after going through a restaurant bankruptcy and while Madeleine was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, a friend shared Shaklee products with Madeleine and Roger Trottier in Southern California. Not wanting another business, it wasn’t until Madeleine’s health was regained and her friends noticed a big change that they decided to share Shaklee with the world. After working their business for 5 years they became the 12th Master Coordinator team in the U.S. Upon receiving an invitation by Shaklee Corporation to help them open the Canadian market, they split their time between the 2 countries, spending a few months a year in Canada recruiting Distributors and building a solid consumer base.

In 1980, they made their permanent move to Montreal, Quebec, and 13 months later became the 1st couple in Shaklee’s history to make the Master Coordinator rank in 2 countries. The rest is history-a legacy that has been going on in their family for 3 generations. Roger passed away in 2017 and Madeleine passed away in 2018 leaving their 2 businesses to their 2 daughters, Nicole Alo & Lise Gonzalez.

“Both Lise and I cannot replace or duplicate our parents in the Shaklee community, but we are both engaged in growing and committed to passing along to our children the legacy our parents worked so hard to achieve. We consider ourselves blessed beyond belief to have this opportunity”.

These sisters are just one example of so many Next Generation Leaders in Shaklee who are the bridge of both the past and the future of our unique community!

Consider the long history of her Shaklee lineage…

Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Rory & Tia Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

David & Susan Farner Family, MCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Steve Mooshagian Family, MCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Yolande Cadieux Family, MCRD (joined in the 1960s)


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