RLEI Organization Recap for November 2019!

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ALEXIS WURL: DIRECTOR in Chicago, Illinois

Hi! I’m Alexis Wurl, I am so excited to say that I just reached Director in November! I am also right in the middle of the Prove It Challenge, and it’s going great! I’d love to share my Shaklee story.

I have been taking Shaklee products since before I was born, because my mom used Shaklee nutrition while I was in the womb!  So, Shaklee’s been in my system for over 25 years now. I am a 3rd generation Shaklee user; my Grandma gave my mom Vita-Lea to take to college, and my mom told me she was so worried that her roommate would think she was a weird health nut, that she hid the product in her desk. Products like that were not as understood as they are today!

Shaklee has helped me through all major developmental stages in life.  As an infant, Shakleebaby Gentle Wash was the only thing used on my delicate skin, and of course my mom continued using Vita-Lea and more while she breast fed.  As a toddler, Soy Protein Shakes blended with a banana were regular snacks I craved, and I learned to reach for chewable Vitamin C at the first tickle in my throat.  While all the other kids were taking the pink antibiotics, our household had a natural medicine chest of Shaklee.

As a teenager, we added B-Complex, Stress Relief and Acne Clarifying complex.  I’m not sure how I would have managed that time in my life without those products! And like my mom, Shaklee came with me to college, which included Vitalizer, Nutriferon, Defend and Resist, and more. These products helped me stay far healthier than many around me. Now as a preschool teacher, with kids sneezing and coughing all around me, all of the immune supporting products are essential.

What’s most exciting to me now about building a Shaklee business is the receptivity of our culture to finding natural solutions today.  My friends, co-workers and even parents of my friends are asking me how Shaklee could help them. I’m building a business because I want to help as many people as I can transform their health.  It makes me sad to see some of my friends taking antidepressants or tons of antibiotics when I know there are natural solutions.  Also, extra income is great!

I have many goals for 2020! I want to continue my mission to transform sick care into well care, and would love to see myself move up in rank by the end of 2020! Also, I would love to be able to be seen as a great resource for parents at my preschool, and help others make more money.

I’d love to have more of my Shaklee family follow me on social media:

Instagram: Wurl_Wellness

FB: Facebook.com/WurlWellness

LI: Www.linkedin.com/in/alexis-wurl


(A picture of me at age 5 opening a bottle of Shaklee chewable Vitamin C)”

Alexis is a beautiful example of the future of Shaklee! And we say Brava on her recent accomplishment of becoming a Business Leader! She is one to watch as her star rises in the years to come.

Consider the long history of her Shaklee lineage…

Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Grace Reim Family, SREXCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Helene & Susan Bartz (Herrick) Family, MCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Marty & Lynn Frederick Family, MCRD (joined in the 1970s)

Jennifer Glacken Family, SRMCRD (joined in the 1990s)


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