RLEI Organization Recap for April 2020!

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“The tale of Lifetime Master Coordinators Harry and Ruth Nichols begins in Lexington, Kentucky where they met and married. They both had a sense of adventure to see more than their hometown and immediately moved to the first of many cities.

Upon relocating to California in 1968, Ruth encountered Shaklee’s original Basic H. The mystery cleaning product sat in her cabinet for months then one day she needed to clean her home but didn’t have anything except the forgotten bottle of Basic H. She mixed it up and ended up cleaning her entire house.

Her next experience was with nutrition. The Vita-Lea and Protein became a staple for her and her family. From then on, she committed to providing it to her family and anyone who would listen.

Ruth started her business in the era of door to door sales, in-home meetings, and sizable personal inventories. Because it was so expensive to ship, she and her family routinely hopped in their van and drove hundreds of miles to load up on ample inventory to last until the next road trip. She would get her kids off to school, meet with people, ship or deliver products and be home in time to greet the kids and spend quality time with her family.

Ruth was initially thrilled to earn enough to pay for her products but it didn’t stop there. For the next several years, Ruth dedicated her support to satisfying customer’s questions and product needs at the same time she continued to expand her influence through personal sponsoring. Harry traveled the country inspiring larger groups of people who came together to hear about Dr. Shaklee, the products, and business opportunity. As a result of their tireless effort and unlimited vision, they expanded their presence in multiple cities across the nation.

The story of Harry and Ruth Nichols proves the ‘American Dream’ is more than a slogan. They both came from extremely humble beginnings, without creature comforts or security. But they possessed a sense of independence, work ethic, self-determination, conviction, and a genuine desire to help others live better. Their rewards were more than financial, although those were the type dreams are made of; world travel with friends, luxury cars, oceanfront property and the ability to generously provide for their sons and grandchildren. They influenced generations of people to live healthier, happier lives with the financial means to do so.

Harry passed away in 1998 from a rare, unpreventable, and untreatable condition. He is dearly missed by all who loved him. But Ruth has continued, inexhaustibly nurturing their legacy over the span of 52 years. Her passion for Shaklee and dedication to her Members and Distributors is unfailing. She spends every single day focusing on her business and declares, ‘I never feel like I am working. My reasons for getting up every day are to love my family and to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I don’t know what I’d do without Shaklee.’

Ruth and Harry’s daughters-in-law, Sara Nichols and Pam Nichols, partner with Ruth and strive to learn everything from her so they can continue the H&R Nichols legacy by positively impacting people for decades to come.”

One of the greatest rewards for Ruth has been the lifelong friendships because of Shaklee. The Shaklee community grows year after year, expands into new countries, and offers benefits to the next generation of families just like the Nichols. Because of pioneers like Ruth, they will have the same opportunities for decades to come. And hopefully, invaluable friendships too!

Consider the long history of her Shaklee lineage…

Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Don, Carolyn, & Kevin Spargur, SRMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Thomas & Jennifer Kirsch Family, SRKYCRD (joined in the 1960s)


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