RLEI Organization Recap for July 2020!

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ROSEL ROMANCIA: DIRECTOR in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii

“I was introduced to the Shaklee company and products in 1976, while my husband was stationed in Green Bay, Wisconsin serving in an independent duty station. My journey started by me receiving a phone call from an unknown person inviting me to come to a Shaklee meeting.

In my early 20s I had begun to take quite an interest in health and nutrition. I grew up on a small farm in Canada and had access to a wide variety of food that was organically grown, etc. I remember we were all healthy and none of my family got sick. A year after moving to a city and eating store bought food I could see my energy and wellbeing affected. I was introduced to the nutrition pioneers of that time and did the best I could, including vitamins from the health food store. That was okay but at these Shaklee meetings I learned that I could do better and there were lots of continuing testimonies to prove so.

I started using the nutrition products, specifically Energizing Soy Protein and Vita Lea, and then later the household products and then the rest. I found that everything I tried was better than anything I had ever used and I began to get excited. In spite of all that, it took my sponsor 6 months to convince me I should also look at the business. The Bonus Car was a big incentive.

3 months later my husband was transferred to Hawaii, his last duty and eventual retirement. We lived on base and this was very interesting because I didn’t need to find interested people, they found us! As a result, I started having meetings and found my background in my own studies made a big difference. The products were proving themselves and the ‘feel better in 30 days’ guarantee on the Protein and Vita Lea was big hit. How can you lose? We started to have house meetings and our first customer began to get orders from his gym friends. I told my husband that I was going to work the business and my goal was to have a new car and that if he didn’t help me he wouldn’t be able to even ride in the backseat. He laughed but 3 months later, I qualified as a Supervisor (Director now) and 9 months later I received first my brand new car.

I got a phone call that my car was ready so we drove to the car dealership. The salesman came out with a clipboard and had me sign the forms, handed me the keys, and we were on our way. It all seemed like a dream and it took a while for the reality of this awesome company that had begun to become part of my lifestyle to sink in. In the 15 years working Shaklee in Hawaii we had 7 new cars. I became certified in Makeup, Color Consulting and Training in Skin Care by specialists. IT WAS FUN AND SUPER REWARDING.

But circumstances changed with retirement and a move to another island. Soon after my husband fell into PTSD. I found it necessary to put the business aside for the time being. The ‘time being’ ended up as 15 years. I now pretty much only work with family, friends, and some customers.

Shaklee has been a dream come true. The company and the products are unique, and in my opinion, unparalleled. I am 83 years old and am told I look in my 60s. Considering the fact that I’ve had 3 serious head injuries, I think that is awesome. Thank God!”

Rosel has weathered many changes in life and still her Shaklee business has been there for her and the 4 generations of her family. The only constant in life is change and for many of us, Shaklee too!

Consider the long history of her Shaklee lineage…

Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

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