RLEI September 2020 ROLL CALL!

August 2020

Welcome New Customers!

Janey Anderson

Congrats Customer Loyalty Rewards Earners!*

Janet Mason, Nancy Raney, Lionel Byrne, Patricia Jones, Kay Rando, Ron Walker, Cheryl Pendergrass, Kathie Saulnier, Jill Bishop, Olga Lee, Allan Heller, Sharon Warschauer, Rosalind Doak

*(Every month, order $100+,  automatically receive $15 credit  on account)

Congrats Customer Referral Rewards Earners!**

Carol Simonek

**(Receive $15 credit on account for every new customer referral that places an order)

Congrats Shaklee Member/Distributor/Associate Cash Back Bonus Earners!

Cecile Denuccio, Glenda Edgell, Justino Jimenez, Patricia Jones, Olga Lee, Willis Meyer, Deanna Myers, Diane Wittler

Contact us to learn more about our rewards.

One thought on “RLEI September 2020 ROLL CALL!

  1. Hello, This is Laurie Ann Miner. My late aunt, Lorraine Mansfield, was good friends with Pat and Bob.

    Sadly, I drifted away from Shaklee and miss it so much. May I start ordering from you?

    Also, I’d like to learn more about the Shaklee 180 nutrition plan. Specifically, do any of the weight loss products contain arginine?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing back.


    Laurie Ann Miner Sent from my iPhone


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