RLEI Organization Recap for October 2020!

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“Rosie was passionate about helping people live healthier, more prosperous lives. She wasn’t looking for Shaklee when it found her. However, once she realized the opportunity in front of her, she embraced it wholeheartedly!

Rosie grew up in California and graduated from college with a degree in early education. She moved to Colorado Springs and began teaching 1st and 3rd grades. She loved the kids in her classroom and won numerous awards for teaching. Rosie put her teaching career on hold for a few years to have two beautiful daughters – Sandi and Patsy. 

Her first-born daughter was sick a lot. There were many doctor visits and even a few visits to the hospital. The medicine cabinet was full of antibiotics, Vick’s vapor rub, and anything else she could find to help her little one feel better. She was searching for answers and began reading books about nutrition and visiting the local health food stores.

One of her friends at church heard that Rosie was interested in nutrition. For the next 2 years, her friend tried to get Rosie to listen to the Shaklee opportunity. Rosie wasn’t interested. She had a very busy life raising her girls.

Like many of the fashionable ladies of the time, Rosie wore a bouffant hairstyle. The key ingredient for a good bouffant is LOTS of hair spray!  The super strong, sticky-type that made sure your hair didn’t move for at least a week after you walked out of the beauty shop. While researching nutrition, Rosie stumbled across research showing hairspray in aerosol cans was not healthy and may contribute to cancer. She no longer let the girls come in the bathroom when she sprayed her hairdo each morning and began looking for hair spray in a non-aerosol can.

Rosie asked her friend at church if Shaklee had a non-aerosol hair spray. Shaklee did! So, Rosie agreed to try a bottle. Her friend insisted that Rosie sign up for a membership so she could buy the hair spray at a discount. Rosie finally relented and filled out the membership application. But before she signed on the dotted line, Rosie made her friend promise she never had to sell any Shaklee products!

The next day, her friend came by the house and gave Rosie a sample bottle of Basic H. Rosie wasn’t interested in cleaning products. She only wanted to try the hairspray!

The hairspray finally arrived. Rosie tried it and liked it! Her hair didn’t move and she was a fan! 

The next morning, Rosie saw the sample bottle of Basic H sitting next to the sink and decided to try it. She liked that too! (Although, she would never admit it to her friend!)

Since she had a membership, Rosie bought a catalog to see what other products Shaklee offered. She found Liqui-Lea, Chewable Vita-C, Chewable Calcium and ordered them in the hopes they would help her daughter. When the vitamins arrived, Rosie started giving them to both her daughters. To her amazement, in about 3 weeks, her oldest daughter, who was usually sick, was bouncing around the house with rosy cheeks and laughter!  Rosie started taking the vitamins and soon felt like turning cartwheels again!  She ordered more products and the whole family started feeling better.

Shaklee became part of Rosie’s home and her friends began to notice the change. She didn’t know how the business worked, nor did she care. Rosie just wanted all of her friends to know about the products so they could feel as good as she did!  Soon, her friends began asking Rosie how they could get some Shaklee products. Rosie handed them a sample bottle of Basic H and told them they needed to sign up for a membership and buy a catalog in order to get the products they wanted. To her surprise and delight, they did!

Within 4 months, Rosie reached the rank of Director and started qualifying for free trips and a new car. Rosie still wasn’t convinced she wanted a Shaklee business.

2 months later, Dr. Shaklee was scheduled to speak in Salt Lake City. It was within driving distance and Rosie decided to go. It turned out to be a life changing decision. Dr. Shaklee talked about his philosophy of ‘living in harmony with nature’ and the science behind the products.  He encouraged everyone to ‘help your fellow man get what he wants in life and in return, you will have all that you want’.  As she walked out of the auditorium that day, Rosie looked at her hands and said to herself, ‘I had no idea this was what I was holding in the palm of my hands.’ 

From that point forward, Rosie spent her life sharing Shaklee with everyone she met. Her Shaklee family grew over the years and so did her girls.

For many years, Rosie had an office and the girls helped by writing up orders, packing boxes, and hostessing Rosie’s famous chili dinners. Rosie and her girls planned Summer Seminars for their Shaklee family to gather together during the summer for leadership training, motivational speakers and lots of fun! Celebrations and parties were held when members of their Shaklee family became Directors, Coordinators, and Senior Coordinators. Rosie and the girls regularly talked about how blessed they felt to have so many wonderful friends in their Shaklee family.

When Rosie passed away in October 2020, the girls were deeply touched and grateful for the outpouring of support from their Shaklee family.

We know we have big shoes to fill as we carry on Mom’s legacy and are excited to continue sharing the wonderful Shaklee nutrition and business opportunity that has blessed our family and those in our Shaklee family.”

We wish “the girls” the best as they navigate the next part of their family’s Shaklee journey. We know exactly how they feel as the granddaughters that took over our business who were once also called “the girls” around our office too.

Consider the long history of their Shaklee lineage…

Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

Rory & Tia Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

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