RLEI Organization Recap for November 2020!

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“My name is Annie Whitney, and I have been a Shaklee Sales Leader since 1976. In 1971 I had moved to New Mexico after college. In 1973, my childhood friend, Judy, came to visit, with a gallon of Basic-H in one hand, a box of Basic-L in the other. ‘You have to buy these products and sponsor into Shaklee,’ she said. I said ‘OK!’ And the rest is history. THE BEST life ever!! I was always interested in Earth friendly products, though had never taken supplements before, but certainly had tried to make lots of different smoothies to have more energy and Optimal Health. Within just weeks of starting Vita-Lea and protein, my horrible cramps from monthly periods were gone, I had more energy, and in general just felt better than ever! What got me most interested in having a business was driving with my upline, Rosie Ruther, out to California, where Pat and Bob Ewing and Mary Jo and Roger Ewing had their annual amazing meetings. I was born in Colorado Springs, which is where I lived until I went to college in Fort Collins. I was blessed to live in a neighborhood with families who had horses, which has led to my life-long passion of horses and riding; the fabulous time freedom with a Shaklee business has allowed me to continue this non-stop. My daddy, Roger Sherman Whitney, came to Colorado from back East, to work as a doctor in the tuberculosis sanatorium. He was always interested in saving the environment, and was a proponent of preventative nutrition and exercise. My ma, Olive Bradley Whitney, moved to Colorado Springs at age 5, from Oklahoma. Grandpa Bradley created contour farming in Oklahoma, the first to do so. Daddy was a lifelong mountain climber, having spent his summers in Switzerland with his younger brother, the famous mathematician Hassler Whitney, where they became fluent in French and German. We learned a deep love of and respect for nature, and cried reading the newly released SILENT SPRING by Rachel Carson. Daddy died mountain climbing in Peru, the summer of 1965. 35 years later, I learned from Clare Hertel that Will Steger, renowned explorer, was on that same climbing trip, age 19. Shaklee sponsored Will’s International Arctic Expedition: the first and only dogsled traverse of the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Ellesmere Island in Canada in 1995. Clare Hertel was working for Shaklee at the time, and headed up the publicity. Clare’s mom, Sue Hertel, was my next door neighbor. All the serendipitous God-showed-up events continue to be amazing. Meeting Will Steger was a much needed puzzle piece for my brother and I concerning Daddy’s death. Daddy would have LOVED everything about Shaklee!! He and Dr. Shaklee would have been great friends!! I am eternally grateful to Dr. Shaklee for creating his amazing supplements, and then to him and his sons for creating the marketing plan which anybody on the planet who wants to can build an amazing business with, large or small. Anyone can help others as much as they want, with both income and health and supporting a non-toxic environment. One of the most valuable things about having a Shaklee business is that it can be passed on to generations in the future forever. This ‘benefit’ brought the amazing Summer to now run the Ewings incredible organization; I am so thankful that I am part of her Shaklee family!! Also incredibly thankful to Sloan and Roger Barnett for buying the company when it really needed love and care, and to the vision that Roger has that is so much like Dr. Shaklee’s. Things just keep getting better and better and better!!”

Annie is part of EDEN, the Earth Day Everyday Network, and such a shining example of leading the way with environmental stewardship, both in her personal life and in her Shaklee life.

Consider the long history of her Shaklee lineage…

Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

The Rory & Tia Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

The Sandi Ruther Family, SRKYCRD (joined in the 1970s)

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