We’re traveling again in 2022 and we want to take the whole Shaklee Family with us!

Qualify for the new Star Club Incentive Trip by growing your business THIS YEAR through sponsoring new Distributors, growing your volume, advancing in rank and developing Leaders on your team.

Qualification Period / January 1, 2021-December 31, 2021 / Traveling in 2022

We aren’t revealing the WHERE just yet, but we’ll drop some hints on which you can guess: There will be lots of sun and fun and certainly sand, plus, our favorite part— we’ll be together again! Stay tuned to all Distributor channels for the big reveal!

What’s New…What’s the Same

What’s New:

  • The Name: Dream Trip Becomes Star Club Trip
  • Directors Can Qualify
  • Emphasis on Distributor Sponsoring
  • New Leader Development
  • Increased Maximum for Sponsoring – More than Double Possible Sponsoring Points

What’s the Same:

  • New Rank Advancement (no change)
  • Two-Year Rule (no change)
  • Activity Points (w/addition of Meology)
  • Leadership Category (for Keys & Above)

Learn more:

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