RLEI Organization Recap for January 2021!

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“My career with Shaklee is something that I never expected. When I met Shaklee, many years ago, I was a very sick young woman. I was taking lots of medication and the doctors kept telling me that it was just going to get worse. One statement in particular when I was around the age of 20, was that I should expect to be in a wheelchair by the time I was 30 and that I was likely to never be able to have children. You would have thought that I would listen to friends offering suggestions, but I didn’t. I was convinced that only doctors could help.

So when a very good friend of mine found Shaklee and approached me, I was very skeptical. This friend was into all the organic stuff, which I thought I already knew and understood as I was pretty much raised a farm girl. Well, thankfully, she kept persisting and I am so glad she did! I started with 3 products, which I insisted I couldn’t afford, and when they made a difference, over a 3 month period, I started asking questions. As people started noticing I didn’t have headaches and body aches all the time, they started asking if I thought it would help them. And a business got started without me even knowing it.

That was over 45 years ago. Not only have I never needed the assistance of a wheelchair, but I also had 5 beautiful children that I was able to be home with every day, affording to put them into private schools and assist with their college tuitions, all because of Shaklee. We have traveled the world and the children have had amazing experiences, including things that a normal 9-5 working parent would have struggled to support due to needed time of work. Shaklee gave all that to them and me. Not bad considering I never really wanted a business, right?

Being able to be home with my children and earn more money than I did when I was working a ‘normal’ job, to look and feel younger than I am while maintaining my health, has been amazing. I believe in the supplements much more than I do medications, and I make sure doctors know that. Knowing I didn’t have to worry about retirement income and can pass the business on to my children is a wonderful upside of this type of business model. I encourage people all the time to take a look at this wonderful opportunity. It can definitely change your life! I am walking, talking, Grandma-ing proof that it can!”

Judy pushed the original Reset button with Shaklee over 4 decades ago and just look at the great health she is still enjoying!

Consider the long history of their Shaklee lineage…

The Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

The Carolyn, Don, & Kevin (Craft) Spargur Family, SRMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

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