Meet Executive Coordinator Monica Stanton!

“I was living my dream in 2006,” says Monica. She had traded a glamorous job as a graphic artist for an international travel magazine to stay home with her young children, Grace age 6, and Timothy, age 3. She loved being a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling her children and cherished their full, busy lives.

“When Grace was 12, she was not well. I wanted to be there for her as much as possible. My goal as a parent has always been to provide my children with the best nutrition possible. We sought out Shaklee products as a foundation that would give them all the vitamins and minerals their bodies needed.”

“But the budget was tight and I had to leave my dream career of full-time motherhood and return to work. I was miserable and missed my kids. So I started to look at the Shaklee Business Opportunity as a way to earn some money to help us buy products. * It seemed to be the solution to my dilemma and my Shaklee Business helped us get the products we needed in that stressful time. Looking back now though, I realize how much Shaklee also became an emotional lifeline for me – I had a community to lean on and was part of a culture of helping others. When you help others, it helps you rise above your circumstances and get through tough times. I was also able to earn a car bonus and trips, which brought fun and hope to my life.”

Monica attributes her business success to a combination of hard work, passion, and mindset: “I treated my Shaklee Business like a real business because it is one.  Even though I had a lot going on in those early days, I was putting in full-time effort and focus. My belief in the products was solid and if there was a Shaklee version of a product in our home, I switched to the Shaklee product (in other words, I Shaklee-ized my home). As I did life, I did Shaklee – meaning, I talked to everyone about Shaklee, other moms, our piano tuner, even the plumber!”

“For 15 years, Grace and I managed her condition, we were told she would inevitably need a transplant someday, and with her blood type, it would be hard to find a match. She had moved to a little cabin in the mountains of Montana and was dating a great guy, Andrew. One day I got the call. I flew Grace home. Andrew soon came to visit and celebrate her birthday, and two days later she was on dialysis. Andrew applied to be her donor and was a match! Last summer Grace received his kidney, and this summer I’ll be attending their wedding.”

“Today, Grace is doing great. In fact, she decided to start her own Shaklee Business! Since her transplant, I’ve refocused my energy on my Shaklee Business. I went for the $20K in 2020 bonus and have a goal of growing even more in 2021. I want to show more people how a Shaklee Business can support them in various ways through various situations.” Monica says, “I’m thankful for what Shaklee has provided me, and I can’t wait for what it can do for the next phase of my life.”

Monica is part of the Ewing Organization and we could not be more proud of her!

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