RLEI Organization Recap for March 2021!

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“Our story starts with Mavis Thies, my Godmother. Mavis taught school with my mom, JoAnn, while my dad was in dental school and her husband was in graduate school. For years, the Thies family would drive out 50 miles for dental work twice a year and one day Mavis showed up with a bottle of ‘blue cleaner’ (‘Basic-H’). Mom and Dad bought it since we moved to the farm and they were worried about pollution: ‘green’ in 1970! Long story short, Mom got great results with skin care too as her complexion cleared up and her 1st grade kids’ plastic chairs were cleaner than all the other teachers. Mom was cleaning them after janitors to get rid of the chemical smell and she just liked cleaner chairs. This led to the other teachers asking about her complexion and clean chairs wanting to know what she was doing. Her answer was, ‘it’s that stuff Mavis sells.’ They all wanted some so Mavis came out and they did a home party.

Thank you Mavis for your belief in Shaklee and courage/love in sharing with Mom and Dad; it changed our family’s lives forever. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for seeing the opportunity and taking a risk. Mom started working 2 nights a week “doing Shaklee”. After 6 months she was earning more sharing Shaklee than she was teaching so she turned her contract in unsigned for teaching and went full time Shaklee, never looking back.

I loved growing up as a Shaklee kid: the trips, great cars, and most of all my parents had time to spend with us and raise us with their values. Priceless. In 1985, I decided the ‘real world’ had beat me up enough. I had grown up watching mom and dad help 100s of people get trips, free cars, and live the Shaklee lifestyle; I wanted that too! In 1986, I qualified for my 1st bonus car and trip. I was off and running. ‘BestWater’ came out and I was able to lead the company in sales which opened many doors. In 1996, I was pinned Master Coordinator at the Grand Wailea resort in Maui. (And it’s special going back now for the Top Achiever’s Trip 2021 this October for Shaklee style travel on the 25 year anniversary).

2 years later we merged our businesses. I went off racing cars and working with some other projects, all the while knowing when the time was right, I would be back as Shaklee was my retirement plan. Besides, I knew the business would thrive. My mom, JoAnn, was one of the best.

5 years ago, knowing Mom and Dad were getting older but still in great health, thank you Shaklee, I came back into the picture. Working side by side with Mom was great. We had/have new goals including reaching Senior Master Coordinator. The business is thriving and we were having a great time working together. Then, last month we were devastated when Mom suddenly passed. I cannot lie, it has rocked our world. Thank God we had been preparing for the future.

I have taken over running the business. With Mom watching from heaven and Dad by my side, we will continue helping people build their dreams and live healthy. Our business tagline has always been, ‘health, wealth, and the time to enjoy’.

We now live in the beautiful Ozarks, in Missouri. Dad has an apartment in a senior independent living setting. He has deer in his backyard daily. He loves the wildlife and many friends. I am about 20 minutes away from him so I see him 4-5 times a week as we do weekly Zoom and training calls many times from his place. This week he is doing a ‘Dr. Shaklee moment’. Dad’s advice is that if you want to build a Shaklee business you must do something people oriented at least once a day. Communication and follow up is key. My personal goal is to leave a strong thriving business for the next generation of Boltinghouses so they can enjoy what we have built. Thank you again, Mom, for your wisdom and example of how to love people and serve with gratitude. You have left big shoes to fill.”

JoAnn was always a pillar of strength in our Organization and we will miss her dearly.

Consider the long history of their Shaklee lineage…

The Bob and Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

The Lisa Mercer (Terwiske) Family, SRKYCRD (joined in the 1960s)

The Bill, Donna, and Colleen Murphy (Pyskaty) Family, MCRD (joined in the 1960s)

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