Your North American Regional Sales Team is thrilled to be able to offer you and your teams a new level of support and assistance.

Led by Vice President of Sales Kevin Crandall and Chief Sales Officer Jeff Pearson, Roger Hill, West Region Director, Robby Carter, Central Region Director, Joe Cardon, East Region Director, and your Regional Sales Managers, Chris Bartholomew, Raquel Ledezma and Mindy Trimble, are motivated and empowered to go the extra mile to help you succeed in your Shaklee business.

Additionally, we have restructured our Field Support teams by adding a personalized support structure to specifically address your teams needs and your needs based on your Shaklee appointed Business Leader rank.

The structure now includes:

  • A Field Support Team that will work with Shaklee Directors through Senior Coordinators
  • A Leadership Support team working with our Shaklee Executive Coordinator through Senior Key Coordinators
  • A Master Coordinator Support team that will handle all Master Coordinator through Presidential Master Coordinator Support.

How to Best Use Your Account Management Team

What can my Sales Director/ Sales Manager help me with?

  • Goal setting and strategic conversations
  • Explain and help maximize the Shaklee Dream plan
  • Rank qualifications commission inquiries:
    • Qualifications
    • Paid commissions
    • Promotions & Incentive Exceptions
  • Assist all Shaklee Business Leaders ranks with their business needs
  • Host Weekly & Monthly Regional Mastermind Training Calls
  • Develop and Support all Regional Field Leadership and Opportunity Events

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