Barb and Daniella are both moms who got their start in the nutrition field. They were both impressed with the science and sustainability behind Shaklee which led them to start their own wellness businesses.

Barb has a degree in nutrition and a heart for sustainability. Forty-five years ago she saw that Shaklee was ahead of its time in developing one of the first biodegradable cleaning products on the market. She shared the cleaners with her family and friends, and her love for Shaklee products naturally grew into her own business.

Daniella, a registered dietician and nutritional consultant, was already recommending healthy products on social for fun when a friend reached out to her about becoming a Shaklee Ambassador. She had never heard of Shaklee before but was blown away by the brand’s vision, values, and integrity.

In their conversation, Barb and Daniella share why Shaklee is a company they can stand behind and how the Shaklee business model established decades ago has set the bar for flexible work.

(We’re so thankful for Barb’s contributions to our Ewing Organization!)

Watch it HERE.

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