We’re going places this year and when you join forces with your fellow Ambassadors to share Shaklee…one of those places could be a luxury weekend at Sundance!

Team up is a limited-time competition/challenge that rewards you with special prizes when you share Shaklee and help others improve their wellness and earn extra income!

It’s a great way to support new Ambassadors who have joined your team in January or partner with Shaklee friends from other organizations to create mutual accountability and encouragement as you pursue your goals.

Register for Team Up

Registration Closes 1/31. Registration should be completed by the team captain.

  • Create a team with three people (with different Shaklee ID numbers).
  • Up to TWO Business Leaders may be on each team (Director or higher rank as of December 2022 PV month).
  • The remaining team members may be Ambassadors or Associates who were not Directors or higher as of December 2022 PV month.
  • You may only be on one Team Up team during the qualification period. A Shaklee ID can only be used once.
  • Registration is FREE, but you MUST register as part of a team to be eligible for any prizes. Registration should be done by the Team Captain.
  • You may register your team anytime up until the day before the start of the qualification period, Tuesday, January 31, 2023, at 8 pm (PT).  We encourage unique team names to ensure that there are no duplicate team names.
  • Once the sign-up deadline has passed, teams are “locked,” and members may not be added or deleted from a team.

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