Business Video Challenge | Submissions Due by February 17th

Put your own stamp on the new business opportunity video and if selected as one of three finalists, we’ll help you produce your own professional version to grow your business.

And we’ll feature your completed video on Shaklee TV for other members of the Field to share.

We’ll also reward you with a fun perk that you can enjoy while at Shaklee Global Conference in Anaheim this summer – two 2-Day passes to Disneyland®.

Submission Details

  • Watch our version of the Shaklee Business Opportunity Video
  • Download the Business Video Opportunity script
  • Review the Business Compliance Training (Income Claims and Product Claims sections) on the Shaklee Share Mobile App under the Learn Tab or review the Improper Claims Training Presentation available in the Compliance Area of
  • Film your own version of how you share the Shaklee Opportunity using your smartphone. Please keep your version between 3-5 minutes
  • Submit your video to us via Dropbox by the deadline of February 17th


  • Show us your personality and lifestyle
  • Share your Shaklee story
  • Have fun


  • Share unrealistic or unusual income claims…even if it has been your experience.
  • Say something about Shaklee products that isn’t in the catalog or on

Top 3 Challenge Winners

The top three submissions will be selected by Home Office Staff and select Shaklee Master Coordinators. Challenge winners will:

  • Receive professional support and supplemental equipment to produce their own version of the Business Opportunity Video
  • Receive two 2-Day Passes to Disneyland® to use while at Shaklee Global Conference in Anaheim or at another time of their choosing (Travel and accommodations at their own expense).
  • Be featured on the April Quarterly Kickoff Broadcast

Uploading Your File

Do NOT email or text your video: it compresses the file, degrading picture and sound.
Instead, DO follow these instructions to upload the original uncompressed video file:

  1. If you’ve got a strong wifi signal, switch to wifi to avoid consuming cellular data
  2. Download & install the free DropBox app to your device
  3. Open this document on that device and click on this link:
  4. That will open the DropBox folder. If you get prompted to “accept cookies” – click OK.
  5. Click on the blue “Add files” button in the center of the screen.
  6. You’ll get a dropdown menu – select “Photo Library”
  7. Navigate to the video you want and tap on it to select it, and then in the top right corner of your screen, click “Add”
  8. This takes you back to the DropBox folder, where you’ll be prompted to fill in your name and email address. Do that, then click the blue “Upload” button at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for each file you want to upload.

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