VIP Elite Incentive and Recognition Program

Grow and be celebrated with progressively bigger perks, experiences, and rewards in our expanded and enhanced VIP Elite Program.

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VIP Elite is an inspiring points program that your whole team can participate in! It recognizes and rewards the activities that build strong, sustainable businesses – sponsoring, retaining customers through Loyalty Orders, and building your team.

The program is divided into five tiers, or status levels. Each month during the year, you earn points for business-building activities that add up to exciting rewards. The more points you earn, the higher your tier, and the bigger and better your rewards!

And at the beginning of each year, everybody resets with a fresh start to earn rewards for the new year.

Quick Overview

  • Recognition and Incentive Program that replaces and enhances the previous VIP Program
  • All incentive trips and quarterly incentives are part of the program
  • Points-based, annual program. Accrue points between January – December of each year. Points reset every calendar year.
  • Earn points by sponsoring new people, retaining customers, and building your team
  • 5 recognition tiers with progressively higher levels of reward!

Learn more here.

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