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Robert and Patricia Ewing, Founders of RLEI, became Shaklee Independent Distributors in 1964. And Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the US! Now, 59 years later, their granddaughters carry on their legacy…since1964


We are part of The Shaklee Effect:

“For 100 years now, Dr. Shaklee’s philosophy has guided everything we do. He believed that each of us could make a healthy difference in the world. His vision first took shape in 1915 with his development of one of the first multivitamins in the U.S. It continued through the next four decades as he exchanged ideas with thought leaders, researched and published four books, explored the science of nature, and considered ways to help people achieve their best. That vision took physical shape in 1956 when he founded Shaklee Corporation. Since then, it has grown in ways even he might not have believed.

We call it The Shaklee Effect—people taking small daily steps towards improving their own lives and the lives of others—and millions around the world have been changed for the better because of it.”

Here they are in this video interview, talking about how they started in Shaklee together.

We are guided by a Philosophy of Living In Harmony With Nature.

We sell natural, safe, and effective wellness Products that transform lives.

And we earn money for our family and help other families do the same with an unparalleled Business model.

YOU can have a Shaklee business of your own. Live in the “land of and”-health AND wealth for all-with The Dream Plan. Ask us how YOU can earn cars, cash, & trips too!


We welcome you to the Shaklee family and into our family.

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