Let’s kick off the year with a bang with a National Day of Shaklee on January 5th! 2019 is just around the corner – a new year, a new opportunity to invite others to join your team as new business builders! Make plans now to join thousands of your fellow Distributors all around the country in hosting a meeting on January 5th where you can introduce prospective builders to everything new and exciting in Shaklee — including destinations for our 2020 Incentive Trips!* To support your events, we’ll offer a Live Broadcast, featuring Shaklee Chairman and CEO, Roger Barnett, who will share a … Continue reading REGISTER YOUR NATIONAL DAY OF SHAKLEE MEETING NOW

A Spotlight On Breast & Women’s Health

At Shaklee, we are committed to helping women stay healthy all year long, and October is a perfect time to shine an extra spotlight on women during Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Breast cancer prevention starts with healthy habits – such as fueling our bodies with good, nutritious choices and staying physically active – but should also include preventive care like breast self-exams, mammograms and other screenings. 1+2+3 Personal Health Plans for Women’s Health (Start HERE for the Foundations Regimen of Women’s Health) The Shaklee 1+2+3 Personal Health Plan makes it simple to follow three recommendations from leading health experts[1] about what … Continue reading A Spotlight On Breast & Women’s Health

Your Best Life Now Tour

The future is being shaped by entrepreneurs. Those with the vision to see trends and capitalize on game-changing opportunities. At the Your Best Life Now Tour Event, your guests will hear from our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Roger Barnett, as he shares: Why entrepreneurship is the single most effective path to wealth-creation How to evaluate which opportunities offer the best potential return on investment Which trends and industry sectors will have the most growth over the next 10 years How to develop a growth mindset in order to maximize your impact on the world Your guests will also hear from our President of Shaklee U.S. and … Continue reading Your Best Life Now Tour

New Back Office For Shaklee Distributors

THE NEW SHAKLEE CONNECT® Fast, Flexible and Fun!  Check out these exciting enhancements to the My Business Tab – now Shaklee Connect® – that allow you to manage and grow your business with greater ease – on mobile and desktop. View a clean and easy to understand Dashboard of where your business is in real time. Quick Actions allow you to add a note, a lead, or share a Shaklee Healthprint™ assessment, with just a single click. Use Team Search to quickly search and view your team and leads, from one place. Easily add Follow Up reminders and notes to help you stay on track with customer and … Continue reading New Back Office For Shaklee Distributors