A Powerful, All-purpose Cleaner For Our Planet

Happy Earth Day! Here’s some FUN FACTS for ya: -In 1956, Dr. Shaklee founds his company and starts selling the 1st ever biodegradable, plant-based cleaning product called Basic-H. -My grandparents, Bob and Pat Ewing, join Shaklee in 1964, purchasing 1 bottle of Basic-H. (They clean everything in their house with it from top to bottom. They then start selling it to others.) -The 1st Earth Day is in 1970. -Shaklee’s Basic-H is the 1st official Earth Day Product Sponsor in 1990. -In 2006 Shaklee introduces the even more super concentrated version called Basic H2, saving more waste from landfills, saving … Continue reading A Powerful, All-purpose Cleaner For Our Planet

March Madness Incentive

For every Qualified Distributor you personally sponsor with purchase between March 21st – March 31st we will reward you with TWO Free YOUTH Travel Sets. Take advantage of this slam dunk offer and put yourself in position to: Increase your PGV and PGV+ Earn $50 for every Qualified Distributor sponsored with purchase Earn 10 additional points towards the 2020 Dream Trip to Costa Rica Be on track to earn a $1000 Live It, Share It Growth Challenge Bonus And get TWO Free YOUTH Travel Sets to use and share! And there is no limit to the number of YOUTH Travel Sets you … Continue reading March Madness Incentive


Making healthy food choices every single day can be hard. Let’s celebrate National Nutrition Month by sharing the importance of supplementation and how Shaklee Nutrition can help fill in nutrient gaps and make it easier to get the daily nutrition you need to feel your best. Up to 90% of Americans are lacking key nutrients in their diets.† The 1+2+3 = Personal Health Plan includes a Multi and Protein (the foundation for a healthier life), Targeted Solutions, and Powerful Boosts, which allows you to easily build a personal Health plan – customized just for you. Creating a Personal Health Plan … Continue reading MARCH IS NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH – FILL IN NUTRIENT GAPS