Your Best Life Now Tour

The future is being shaped by entrepreneurs. Those with the vision to see trends and capitalize on game-changing opportunities. At the Your Best Life Now Tour Event, your guests will hear from our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Roger Barnett, as he shares: Why entrepreneurship is the single most effective path to wealth-creation How to evaluate which opportunities offer the best potential return on investment Which trends and industry sectors will have the most growth over the next 10 years How to develop a growth mindset in order to maximize your impact on the world Your guests will also hear from our President of Shaklee U.S. and … Continue reading Your Best Life Now Tour

LYL Events Happening Everywhere!

Mix and mingle with local entrepreneurs, beauty aficionados and fitness enthusiasts as we unveil the latest innovations in anti-aging skin care and sports nutrition from Shaklee. Friday night join us for a Look Younger Longer Meet and Greet preview event featuring the New YOUTH® Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection. Then return on Saturday morning join us for the Live Younger Longer Workout event featuring the New Shaklee Performance® Sports Nutrition line. If you didn’t make it to Shaklee Live 2017 over the summer, then you can experience the launch of both of these incredible new lines at a hip Love Your Life weekend … Continue reading LYL Events Happening Everywhere!