‘Tis The Season To Be Merry At RLEI

Our parents and grandparents, Bob and Pat Ewing, live on in our memories. Their 19th great-grandchild was born in October 2018, joining the Spinks “Cousin Squad” branch of the tree. That’s 1 more healthy, happy Shaklee baby and Shaklee kid benefiting from our multi-generational, family business of 54 years. We always appreciate your friendship, your loyalty, and your contributions throughout the decades. And we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019! From Gayle Spinks, Summer (and Mark) Spinks-Marasco, Amanda (and Drew) Spinks-Kinnison, and Josh (and Juli) Spinks Continue reading ‘Tis The Season To Be Merry At RLEI


Let’s kick off the year with a bang with a National Day of Shaklee on January 5th! 2019 is just around the corner – a new year, a new opportunity to invite others to join your team as new business builders! Make plans now to join thousands of your fellow Distributors all around the country in hosting a meeting on January 5th where you can introduce prospective builders to everything new and exciting in Shaklee — including destinations for our 2020 Incentive Trips!* To support your events, we’ll offer a Live Broadcast, featuring Shaklee Chairman and CEO, Roger Barnett, who will share a … Continue reading REGISTER YOUR NATIONAL DAY OF SHAKLEE MEETING NOW

New Back Office For Shaklee Distributors

THE NEW SHAKLEE CONNECT® Fast, Flexible and Fun!  Check out these exciting enhancements to the MyShaklee.com My Business Tab – now Shaklee Connect® – that allow you to manage and grow your business with greater ease – on mobile and desktop. View a clean and easy to understand Dashboard of where your business is in real time. Quick Actions allow you to add a note, a lead, or share a Shaklee Healthprint™ assessment, with just a single click. Use Team Search to quickly search and view your team and leads, from one place. Easily add Follow Up reminders and notes to help you stay on track with customer and … Continue reading New Back Office For Shaklee Distributors

Thank You For The 2018 Wall Of Honor Awards!

The “Wall of Honor” celebrates Shaklee Family who are among the top 10 in key business success categories each year. Once again, we are very proud, humbled, and grateful to have received this prestigious award during our 2018 Shaklee Global Conference in Las Vegas! And for the first time ever, we won in 2 categories: for Fortune and Growth! All of us at RLEI thank the hundreds of business leaders in the Ewing Organization for all of their hard work, passion, and commitment. You help us achieve our fortunate dreams by reaching your own financial goals year after year and … Continue reading Thank You For The 2018 Wall Of Honor Awards!


The Shaklee Global Conference is where you go to get new energy and new inspiration. To learn things that help you take your business to the next level. To connect with friends old and new, who remind you how great it is to be part of this community of people who care so much about making a difference for other people, and for the planet. Global Conference is the most exciting and energizing Shaklee event of the year. And with the Shaklee Global Conference App, you can be part of it – before it begins, during the event, and afterward too! … Continue reading DOWNLOAD THE SHAKLEE GLOBAL CONFERENCE MOBILE APP

Shaklee Pure Performance Team Members Bring Home Gold & Bronze!

We are incredibly proud of our Shaklee Pure Performance Team Athletes! All seven of our medal-winning athletes, along with 21 more Shaklee Pure Performance Team members who competed in PyeongChang, amazed and inspired the world as they engaged in some of the most outstanding competitions ever contested. “Magic!” That’s how Kacey Bellamy described winning the gold medal in Women’s Ice Hockey in PyeongChang. This Shaklee Pure Performance Team athlete represented the USA in her third trip to the Games, winning silver medals in Vancouver in 2010 and Sochi in 2014. Kacey’s teammates included Shaklee Pure Performance Team members Dani Cameranesi and Emily Pfalzer in their first trip to the Games. All three … Continue reading Shaklee Pure Performance Team Members Bring Home Gold & Bronze!


Our Shaklee heroes have trained most of their lives for their shining moment in PyeongChang, South Korea, on the world’s grandest stage featuring the world’s greatest athletes, which now includes 28 of our Shaklee Pure Performance Team members! They have … Continue reading CHEER ON THE SHAKLEE PURE PERFORMANCE TEAM ATHLETES HEADED TO PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA!

Cleanse The Right Way

Benefits of a Cleanse Do you feel stressed or lack energy? How is your digestion? Are you looking to kick-start your weight loss program? While these issues may seem unrelated, they may be signs that your body needs a reset to help it get back to functioning optimally. In our world today, we are all exposed to toxins; our food is lacking in nutrients; and many of us carry excess body weight. These all place a large burden on the body’s natural detoxification systems.i When you eat better and support your body’s natural cleansing systems, your body becomes more efficient … Continue reading Cleanse The Right Way