You Reap What You Sow, So Get Out Your Hoe

If your Shaklee business was a garden, right about now you’d be preparing your soil for new seeds. A new year is underway, and the Shaklee garden season is on a yearly cycle as you work towards all the rewards this business can give you. Certain “crops” come first, once you do the work, with a final yield that very few other businesses can “produce” for an entrepreneur. Had enough of our punny humour? Then get your tools together, get outside (your comfort zone), and get planting! Continue reading You Reap What You Sow, So Get Out Your Hoe

We Only Give Opportunities

We don’t give anyone anything except opportunities. An opportunity to utilize the best quality natural, supplemental products on the market to better their health. An opportunity to consider being in business for themselves and create their own personal wealth independent of someone else’s dreams. An opportunity to change the course they are on. Nothing is guaranteed, but everything is possible! Continue reading We Only Give Opportunities

Secrets of Shaklee Success?

The short answer to this question is NO. There are no secrets. There are steps to success, like in any business. There is no 1 simple magic formula everyone can follow. But there are some common themes that can be found in the advice of Master Coordinators…(Thanks to Heidi Ode, Dan Henderson, & Bob Ferguson for contributions.) Possible Reasons For A Lack Of Success 1. You’re not telling your Shaklee story often enough. 2. You’re telling it to the wrong people. 3. Your approach is not very good. 4. You’re not telling your Shaklee story in a compelling way. 5. … Continue reading Secrets of Shaklee Success?