What Do You Commit To?

We are committing to…being on Shaklee’s Wall of Honor Fortune Top 10 again next year. What are you commited to for your business? What goals do you have? Or what motivates you in life in general right now? Do you want to save for a vacation? Send the kids to a better school? Or change lives? Take a moment to reflect on it. Do you see surf, sun, and sandy beaches in your future? You can join us on a Shaklee incentive trip like the one we just earned for a Caribbean Cruise for 2. It’s very easy to dream, … Continue reading What Do You Commit To?

Happy New Shaklee Year!

“The 2013-14 Incentives and Recognition Year Is Here! It’s the “Shaklee New Year!” That means a fresh start for you, with new trips to qualify for, and a new chance to be recognized at next year’s 2014 Global Conference. Time to put together your plan of action and get started! First, Get Inspired! How about this: A million shades of blue. Glittering white sands. Dazzlingly vivid natural beauty. Dream 2014 Playa del Carmen December 4-9, 2014 Do we have your attention? Are you imagining yourself on that white sand beach? Good! Once again, we’ve announced the destination of our Dream … Continue reading Happy New Shaklee Year!

We Only Give Opportunities

We don’t give anyone anything except opportunities. An opportunity to utilize the best quality natural, supplemental products on the market to better their health. An opportunity to consider being in business for themselves and create their own personal wealth independent of someone else’s dreams. An opportunity to change the course they are on. Nothing is guaranteed, but everything is possible! Continue reading We Only Give Opportunities

Share The Dream, Share The Commitment

What do we do? We help people get to their goals! How do we do it as Shaklee180 Specialists? Well… “Getting to Commitment Nearly everyone has a goal to lose weight, get in better shape or make more money, and your role as a Shaklee 180 Specialist is to help people identify, commit to, and reach those goals. In this video, Rick Seymour, Senior Executive Coordinator, will teach you how every step in the Shaklee 180 process – from marketing your party through the entire Turnaround party agenda, is designed to help your customer see that Shaklee 180 is the … Continue reading Share The Dream, Share The Commitment

Who Will You Meet With Shaklee?

“Who will you meet with Shaklee?” That’s a many layered question in this business. When we talk about Shaklee’s business opportunity, we often refer to the dreams that it can create, or fulfill, in your life. Do you need more cash, an extra income, a car? Do you want to travel? That’s all there to pursue. But here’s another question: can you imagine all the people you will meet, the relationships you will form, in Shaklee? From fellow Shaklee Family and business owners, to lifelong customers, to interesting cultures in other parts of the world. Shaklee is really about people. … Continue reading Who Will You Meet With Shaklee?

Get Behind The Wheel

You never know where life is going to take you, do you? This past weekend our Shaklee Bonus Car took a ferry ride for the first time to Bainbridge Island from Seattle, Washington and back. We never knew we’d be on vacation in that spot and we never could have predicted we’d have such a nice ride when our family started a Shaklee business. But that’s just it, isn’t it? There is nothing but open road in front of all of us, and it’s up to us alone to get behind the wheel and push forward to the destinations of … Continue reading Get Behind The Wheel