Significance With Shaklee

Longer weekends, shorter work weeks. We’re all in! In fact, we make our own schedule and so can you with a Shaklee business. We also make our own destiny. And design what we want out of life with financial freedom and flexibility. Check out this powerful story of what Shaklee can do as a vehicle for significance in your life… “Your Shaklee story is about what you can do with Shaklee– whether it’s to get healthier or earn an income – but it’s also about more. It’s a vehicle for positively impacting the lives of others. Check out this interview … Continue reading Significance With Shaklee

Your Name, Inc.

Once upon a dream…we created our own job partnering with a company with a purpose. That was almost 5 decades ago. One of the things that attracted us? We got to make our own dreams come true as Shaklee Independent Distributors and entrepreneurs. You get to be your own boss and make your own rules, like how you spend the money you earn, who you bring on trips with you all over the world, and what color car you choose on the lot. Shaklee’s Dream Plan is the opportunity to create your own company. (We’re named Robert L. Ewing, Inc., … Continue reading Your Name, Inc.