Happy New Shaklee Year!

“The 2013-14 Incentives and Recognition Year Is Here! It’s the “Shaklee New Year!” That means a fresh start for you, with new trips to qualify for, and a new chance to be recognized at next year’s 2014 Global Conference. Time to put together your plan of action and get started! First, Get Inspired! How about this: A million shades of blue. Glittering white sands. Dazzlingly vivid natural beauty. Dream 2014 Playa del Carmen December 4-9, 2014 Do we have your attention? Are you imagining yourself on that white sand beach? Good! Once again, we’ve announced the destination of our Dream … Continue reading Happy New Shaklee Year!

Turn Up The Heat

We’re getting closer to the end of Shaklee’s Incentive Year. Time to blaze ahead towards the finish line! We can’t say this enough: You have something of value to offer, your success depends on accepting that fact then going out of your way to share it. “Now it’s time to heat things up and make this next 45 days really count. Suggestions: 1.Rev Up Your Action Plan – We’re halfway through and now it’s time to make sure your game plan between now and June 30 is the right one to help you win. In fact, if you aim beyond … Continue reading Turn Up The Heat