What Do You Commit To?

We are committing to…being on Shaklee’s Wall of Honor Fortune Top 10 again next year. What are you commited to for your business? What goals do you have? Or what motivates you in life in general right now? Do you want to save for a vacation? Send the kids to a better school? Or change lives? Take a moment to reflect on it. Do you see surf, sun, and sandy beaches in your future? You can join us on a Shaklee incentive trip like the one we just earned for a Caribbean Cruise for 2. It’s very easy to dream, … Continue reading What Do You Commit To?

Get Out Your Geetar

Next week, the Shaklee global family will be meeting in Music City, USA. Get out your geeeetar and get ready to sing about all the incredible things that will be shared during that time. We always look forward the most to the announcement of new products! Shaklee already has a beautiful portfolio of products that help us all stay healthy from head to toe, but we can’t help but get excited about new flavors and new solutions and the science behind what they are creating for the world to use. Everyone will also hear insight into what it takes, what … Continue reading Get Out Your Geetar

A Brick & Mortar Shaklee House

In Shaklee, collecting “sponsoring points” towards the incentive trip is like laying down your foundation, your concrete floor. Once you have the floor, you can build your awesome house upward, brick by brick. And when you’re ready, you can build a 2nd story floor, a 3rd, as the year unfolds. Right now, until the end of the month, take advantage of Shaklee’s free membership offer with purchases to introduce potential new customers to the Shaklee catalog AND get membership sponsoring points for yourself. When you start seeing those points in your tracker, you’ll be inspired to build, build, build yourself … Continue reading A Brick & Mortar Shaklee House

Be A Master Dream Builder

Well…we take Door #1! How about you? We don’t work for anyone but ourselves, everyday. And we’ve been doing it for 49 years! In Shaklee, they don’t call them Master Coordinators for nothing. The Shaklee distributors that make their way to the top of the income earning tier (like our founders Bob & Pat Ewing), have really mastered the art of building their own business and their own dreams. Do you want to be a builder with us? Continue reading Be A Master Dream Builder

You Reap What You Sow, So Get Out Your Hoe

If your Shaklee business was a garden, right about now you’d be preparing your soil for new seeds. A new year is underway, and the Shaklee garden season is on a yearly cycle as you work towards all the rewards this business can give you. Certain “crops” come first, once you do the work, with a final yield that very few other businesses can “produce” for an entrepreneur. Had enough of our punny humour? Then get your tools together, get outside (your comfort zone), and get planting! Continue reading You Reap What You Sow, So Get Out Your Hoe

A trip that will take you to the heart of one of the most beautiful places in the world!

For five days and nights, you and a guest will enjoy this picturesque paradise at the award-winning Paradisus Playa Del Carmen , a luxury all-inclusive oceanfront resort. Make your plan today to earn this amazing trip! Points Needed to Qualify: 350 Trip Dates: December 4– 9, 2014 Qualification Period: July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014 Early Bird Qualification Ends: January 31, 2014 Dream 2014 Incentive Trip to Playa Del Carmen A million shades of blue. Glittering white sands. Dazzlingly vivid natural beauty. It’s not your imagination…its the Dream 2014 Incentive Trip to Playa Del Carmen…a trip that will take … Continue reading A trip that will take you to the heart of one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Happy New Shaklee Year!

“The 2013-14 Incentives and Recognition Year Is Here! It’s the “Shaklee New Year!” That means a fresh start for you, with new trips to qualify for, and a new chance to be recognized at next year’s 2014 Global Conference. Time to put together your plan of action and get started! First, Get Inspired! How about this: A million shades of blue. Glittering white sands. Dazzlingly vivid natural beauty. Dream 2014 Playa del Carmen December 4-9, 2014 Do we have your attention? Are you imagining yourself on that white sand beach? Good! Once again, we’ve announced the destination of our Dream … Continue reading Happy New Shaklee Year!

We Only Give Opportunities

We don’t give anyone anything except opportunities. An opportunity to utilize the best quality natural, supplemental products on the market to better their health. An opportunity to consider being in business for themselves and create their own personal wealth independent of someone else’s dreams. An opportunity to change the course they are on. Nothing is guaranteed, but everything is possible! Continue reading We Only Give Opportunities

Significance With Shaklee

Longer weekends, shorter work weeks. We’re all in! In fact, we make our own schedule and so can you with a Shaklee business. We also make our own destiny. And design what we want out of life with financial freedom and flexibility. Check out this powerful story of what Shaklee can do as a vehicle for significance in your life… “Your Shaklee story is about what you can do with Shaklee– whether it’s to get healthier or earn an income – but it’s also about more. It’s a vehicle for positively impacting the lives of others. Check out this interview … Continue reading Significance With Shaklee

50% Of Your Job Done, Just Like That

Some people still don’t agree with this equation. And they stay stuck at the zero starting line. Wake up tomorrow with 50% of your job for the day already done-believe you’re going to get to your goal, you’re gonna get through your To Do list, you’re gonna have a successful day. Then watch what happens as you confidently pursue the tasks in front of you. They just might whizz right by! Continue reading 50% Of Your Job Done, Just Like That