“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” –Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee


Most of all, we believe in health, wealth, and wellness for all. Through partnering with Shaklee Corporation, we are able to share our pathway to entrepreneurial freedom, flexibility, and a fortunate lifestyle. We are committed to helping others find their financial dreams, all while doing no harm, applying the Golden Rule, and doing well by doing good. Our promise comes with a 100% money back guarantee on every Shaklee product, service with a smile, and a wish for infinite blessings! (Have a great Shaklee day!)


  • Living a long and active life
  • Having real stuff to eat and drink on the table
  • Enjoying happy children and pets
  • Owning a cozy home and reliable transportation
  • Living on a comfortable income to pay the bills and play
  • Having savings for a rainy day or college tuition
  • Investing in trustworthy nutritional, weight, home, and beauty products
  • Spending our money on companies with similar values
  • Being our own boss
  • Traveling the world
  • Living in a non-polluted neighborhood
  • Having quality time for family
  • Having extra time for friends
  • Having some time for ourselves (to go on a hike, garden, read a book, watch a movie)
  • Making time to volunteer in our community
  • Making a difference individually, collectively, nationally, internationally


  • We have reached the highest income level and rank as distributors of Shaklee products and sponsors of other Shaklee distributors, becoming Presidential Lifetime Master Coordinators in 2008 (1 of 12 total founding PMs).
  • We’ve had over 400 Shaklee business leaders in our 1st-6th generation downline organization.
  • Within our 1st-6th levels, we have 14 Master Coordinators, 6 Senior Master Coordinators, and 4 other Presidential Masters. Further down the line in our Organization are another 9! And we have 5 upline leaders, so we are currently 6th level to Shaklee Corporation.
  • We are also a family owned and operated business by our 3rd generation now: granddaughters Summer and Amanda and our sister-in-law, Juli. We are proud to be a multi-generational, small business serving the local Seattle, Washington area (that also ships nationwide).