Our clients are moms and dads, college students, retirees, entrepreneurs, and former corporate employees. A Shaklee business is for everyone of any gender, age, or background. We have, can, and will help anyone interested create a business that fits their life. What you can expect as our Client:

  • Hosting rewards program (receive free product gifts for holding an in home Shaklee party we present at or bring your family and friends for a party at our Headquarters)
  • Shaklee University rewards program (receive free product gifts upon course completions)
  • Pinning and certificate recognition
  • Monthly recap e-newsletters
  • One on one planning, strategizing, and development sessions (accountability)
  • Social media tutorials

Request to be a part of our RLEI Downline Facebook Group for inspiration, motivation, and solutions from our other Shaklee Business Leaders and Builders.

Shaklee has designed a Path to Success Program that can help you meet your business goals. To work around your lifestyle. You can start anytime.

And if you haven’t checked out the new and improved Shaklee University, make that your first stop in your MyShaklee back office.

Join our Downline Team today and make your dreams a reality alongside with us!